No hay respuestas, sólo decisiones - ii

(you can see the live piece here)

This is a follow-up to the piece No hay respuestas, sólo decisiones.

If we take the elements that make up our lives and we think about them systematically, letting them evolve in front of us, letting them come and go, certain patterns emerge. We see a rhythm, we see a flow. We see the odd exception, sure, and we see how things change over time when we take a step back: while they progress slowly on our daily perception, these elements grow and alter their shape, shrink and move in a different rhythm when we consider larger time scales.

This work takes on the reflections of the previous piece and chooses to present the same type of visual elements, arranging them into a grid yet letting them evolve in the same fashion as before. The visual elements are still the outcome of overlapping / intersecting rings, however this time they are taken apart and, once removed of their origin, can be inspected on their own. Much like taking our life apart and inspecting every little aspect of it irrespective of their original context.

State of the work at a given point in time, 2022 Marcelo Soria-Rodríguez