About me

Hi, I'm Marcelo Soria Rodríguez, thanks for stopping by.

I center my work around the idea of expanding the total space that any activity can reach. I explore the new relationships that arise when synthetic entities with some kind of behaviour enter into society (and not synthetic, well, any relationship between any combination of nature-made / man-made and whatever is to come). I use technology as a medium and as a subject of exploration itself.

My work has been guided by curiosity and a desire to contribute to changing things to expand their reach. With time I came to the conclusion that I wanted to build adaptation capabilities, instead of focusing on optimization problems. Both are necessary, but I always found more interesting the possibility of finding new ground that would bring new opportunities for everyone. This ultimately led me to dedicate myself to art, as an expression of raw possibility without the limits of the doable, the productive or other such constraints that businesses face (which was my previous professional life).

You can read more about me on this site where I explain my artistic, previous business life and literacy interests. You can also have a look at my work here.

Make sure to drop me a line if you want to comment something, either at marcelo at iillucid.com, or marcelo at marcelosoriarodriguez.org