About me

Hi, I'm Marcelo Soria Rodríguez, thanks for stopping by.

I center my work around the idea of expanding the total space that any activity can reach. I explore the new relationships that arise when synthetic entities with some kind of behaviour enter into society. I use technology as a medium and as a subject of exploration itself. I use art with the same focus.

My work has been guided by curiosity and a desire to contribute to changing things to expand their reach. With time I came to the conclusion that I wanted to build adaptation capabilities, instead of focusing on optimization problems. Both are necessary, but I always found more interesting the possibility of finding new ground that would bring new opportunities for everyone.

You can read more about me on this site where I explain my artistic, business and literacy interests. You can also have a look at my up and coming artistic expression attempts in my creations gallery at Hic Et Nunc. Have a look there, if you please.

Make sure to drop me a line if you want to comment something, either at marcelo at iillucid.com, or marcelo at marcelosoriarodriguez.org