iillucid, what?

Hello. What is all this about, you may ask?

Uncertainty, it seems. Or how we all evolve: society, human relationships and the businesses that try to be useful (in the best of cases) to those humans and that society. Perhaps it's about how we humans relate to change and adapt to our environment. Maybe it's about artificial intelligence and the impact it has on how we live and work. And love. It is definitely about emotions, those mysterious forces that shape our everyday. There is art, sure, as the vessel that we take to explore yonder the human existence, nature or basically everything. Human existence and what humans make exist and disappear, and the relations thereof. What is presented here ponders and digs into the connections among all of those, because the connections themselves are what counts, not so much the connected ends. We are a tapestry, so it's about tapestries. It's about the inspirations that make up a thought. The stimuli that trigger a memory that triggers a feeling that triggers an emotion that binds together several pieces of knowledge which in turn show up as a figuratively solid thought in our brains. It's about the stimuli that I find interesting and that somehow and hopefully explain the points of view which I put forward. It's about the context of this thinking, which should make sense to you, avid reader, since you already know that connections matter, and the interaction between those stimuli and the rest of the mental processes is the very fabric of reality. Or so I believe.

I come from several years working everywhere along the line that goes from the trenches to the strategy room in regards to, in general, evolving businesses to make more sense in what life is becoming. Or rather, what it is. Some refer to it as digital transformation. Some say it's digital strategy. There are others who name parts of it as futures design, product development & management and other things. The focus on digital as a catch-all adjective is something I try to avoid. Life is not digital, life is life. I have co-created an international community to spread data literature, I have set sail (and sunk) in some occasions to build my own companies. I have designed strategies for private companies, for cultural institutions, I have led industry-first products to market, I have had teams encompassing diverse disciplines. Life is life with all the things that go with it, digital or not, and we are all part of it. You can read more about me in the about me page. Striking.

iillucid is going back to lucid after being illucid. Not that I have fully come back, but I try to make sense of what I have seen along the journey. I hope you like it.

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