Art by Marcelo

Art by Marcelo

Current projects:

  • Siempre en tí, siempre en mi - a generative artwork created for reGEN, a fundraiser for research efforts towards a cure for Alzheimer's, with and Cure Alzheimer's Fund.
  • rêves de papier et l'identité des mèmes, a body of work that explores memes (cultural genes and their independent existence) and repurposed paper restoration techniques to create generative paper artworks.
  • Ecologías A, B, C, F1 and F2: a set of works that reflect on machine-human ecologies and blockchain ecologies while investigating habits of leaving traces, the apparition of life in a water medium and the importance of self-image.
  • Centrifugal, a curated set of 50 unique pieces, generative + interactive. Read more and mint at Verse.
  • PAL, a collaboration with Iskra Velitchkova: a two-sided generative piece where we curated 100 outputs, transferred them to a VHS tape, then acted a performance over it during Art Singapore, using a magnet to introduce distortions. A reflection on relationships in real life. 100 curated outputs (30 second videos), more info and mint on Kate Vass Gallery site.
  • la caverna, a generative artwork that reflects on our impossibility of grasping reality as it is. A project where each artwork is a tryptich released gradually over time. The collection is released through Vertical Crypto Art, mint site and collection are here.
  • extrañezas, a generative artwork that lets the experiencer create as many finishes as they desire to the piece by playing an interactive, hidden game. The collection is released as part of the Diamond Exhibition by Proof collective / Moonbirds community.

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(available works: Tezos blockchain / secondary market on the Ethereum blockchain)

I explore boundaries in total cognitive spaces and try to push them a bit further.

I am experimenting with different techniques creating artworks that help me explore several things. First and foremost, I seek to inspire and touch other beings in the same way that art from others touches me. That is, whatever I create I try to make it have an impact. The main axis of experimentation has to do with finding the boundaries of the cognitive-emotional space of what I'm doing. I'm not pioneering anything as far as I know, but I am first expanding my own cognitive space towards being able to create beauty (not necessarily aesthetic beauty, but things - articles, projects, products, art - that resonate with the subjective experimenter) out of nothing.

Trying to make a machine collaborate with me to create a work of art that will trigger an emotional response in humans is an interesting topic. Also the contrary: making something that will trigger an "emotional" response in a machine. If we can understand what machines at some point "feel", we will fare better as species. Anyway, it's not the only means of artistic expression I'm interested in. I also make music without machines, or paint with brush and acrylic, or make photographs. Along the way I explore what it means to mix all these means of expression. I hope you find something that moves you, even if the slightest bit.

Creations I work on:

I have been long interested in education and generative art, approaching them separately most of the time. This artwork tries to get them closer in my practice, by letting the experiencer of the piece finish it by creating a part of it with a rule-based system, to mimic what the
centrifugal by Marcelo Soria-Rodríguez | Verse
This is an interactive artwork. For the best experience, we recommend using the Chrome browser on desktop. Human nature is one of disguise. One of the characte


all that remains — fxhash
full title: all that remains / all that, remains / all, that remains Parkinson’s alters one’s connection to the world they inhabit. I am very glad to be able to contribute to @Cure3Exhibition’s fundr

a fundraiser project for research on Parkinson's desease, raised more than 100.000€

lo que no está
Lo que no está, a collection about light, shadow, surrealism and what is not.
el inefable momento — fxhash
“el inefable momento del colorido descubrimiento” (“the ineffable moment of the colorful discovery”) is part of the fxhash interactive minting experience at The Ever-Evolving World of Art, Art Basel

2022-05, commissioned for Art Basel Hong Kong

Toccata — fxhash
Toccata is a piece about decay, about the impermanent. The emergence over time or, rather, progression of entropy is a key characteristic of our universe. Everything evolves to nothing. We as mortal b

2022-08, collaboration with Andreas Rau

No hay respuestas, sólo decisiones
No hay respuestas, sólo decisiones (there are no answers, only decisions). Nothing is permanent & final, there are only decisions to make as our context and ourselves evolve.


Entretiempos is a long-form generative art project inspired originally by the work of Sonia Delaunay. And time scales. Released as Art Blocks Curated.


A description of the generative artwork “aprendizajes” by Marcelo Soria-Rodríguez.


contrapuntos — collection
Musical counterpoint is to me an abstraction of the layered, intertwining rhythms of every activity we carry on in our lives. With a global tempo typically set in days, we fit all sorts of temporal st


Polycircles collection
A tour on the origins and presents of my polycircles collection.


Portraits of emotions: a collection
A collection of works exploring human-machine emotional interaction, in the form of an article + 4 #cleannfts


Recreating a recreation
Recreating what we do with advanced technology using less sophisticated means may help us understand how the technological advances actually expand our total range of capabilities.


Other stuff:

My (mostly old) musical creations at Soundcloud