A pledge to end the days of "capturing value"

"Capturing" value sounds... not too right. How about we start measuring what we do in terms of what is created and shared?

A pledge to end the days of "capturing value"

(above, a "capturing value" thing to the left, as opposed to entities trying to create and share opportunities; note the reach of each black dot, and the interesting interactions that arise when sharing entities get close).

An often overheard concept when you happen to be near a group of people discussing over startups and/or innovation in general, and corporate innovation in particular, is that of capturing value. Does the new project capture value in customer segment X? Is this startup capturing value in the area of Z?

All of a sudden, a rather obvious thought came to my mind but it somehow felt like something I should dedicate a couple of minutes to. It's as simple as this: can we stop capturing value, and start sharing it?

All the talk about how digital economies are about an endless creation of value due to the non-physical nature of bits / data, yet we use "capturing value" all too often to discuss what human ingenuity comes up with when thinking about certain challenges.

I came to think about this when trying to paint a semi-clear picture in my mind of what crypto art is bringing to us all. Digital is/was all about sharing and multiplying opportunities. Then at some point I heard something about crypto art allowing creators to capture value... but wait there for a second. The value in art is mostly in the subjective experience. The emotions. You can't capture that. I am all for the artist having a pretty decent living, but let's avoid the capturing value thing. Art, and cryptoart as a part of it, is all about opening doors, not closing to capture anything. It's about opening minds.

The same applies to the latest, fanciest startup. Let's start measuring what we do not by how much value it captures, but rather how much it helps someone, how many doors it opens, how much it touches people's minds, hearts, souls. Making money is also there, sure. But creating must be priority, not capturing, if we are to keep evolving at all.